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Read Shokugeki no Soma 268 online. Shokugeki no Soma 268 English. I will admit, the villain that we've got right now seems alright, but I don't think it will take very long before he is reduced to nothing but fodder. Plus, the idea of the "Midnight chefs" is alright and I hope we actually do get to see more than just this one. As for the part at the end, it's nice to see that megumi is the one taking charge on this for once and it would be good to see her go head to head with this guy, instead of sōma having to do it. Why not have the entire elite ten go? If these dark chefs are so strong and so dangerous what better then the sending entire elite ten the strongest chefs in tootsuki academy to wherever these dark chefs are to deal with them? Megumi is about to through down and pass on some knowledge! Also, this series is about to get unexpectedly dark. Looking forward how this arc goes.

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We will get shokugeki no soma chapter 268 the moment it will be release, so be sure to check this page regularly for the update. Shokugeki is something specific to tootski. Why the chefs outside tootski even be involved in it. A normal restaurant would be "Either eat or get off out of here before I call the police." if you were the proud chef of a tōtsuki inn and this cunt came along running his mouth I could buy that they would have a shokugeki with him. Chef’s being extremely proud of their cooking isn’t an uncommon trait in this series. I think because the tourist had commented on megumi being cute and looking like a geisha, his dream of hospitality is shown having the two women along with megumi in that tub of money. It's just his idea of hospitality. No need to jump to conclusions about megumi. No one better than to give a talk about hospitality than megumi. Shokugeki no soma 268 raw spoilers and shokugeki no soma 268 manga chapter will be out soon.
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If that was a theme, she would be the elite 10 member with specialization on that field. I really hope this does not turn in some kind of "Soma has to save megumi for whatever reasons" like what happened with erina, it will feel extremely forced and just stupid. Highly doubt this will happen tho. Also the whole dak megumi thing sounds really dumb and would not fit her character at all unless there is a really good explanation for it. By now it feels as if this arc only exists to remind people megumi is supposed to be a main character, hope im wrong. The inn and the rest are totsuki's, so maybe they took shokugeki because they were curious about the real shokugeki things, when souma challenges shinomiya, shinomiya mentions that having a shokugeki with people not from tootsuki has happened before. It's not common, sure, but it's not unheard of. Plus it's just another cooking challenge at the end of the day. It might just be like a bet, but it takes the form of a shokugeki. Anyone can have a match where they bet the restaurant in it. It's whether or not they have to do it. Normal restaurants, or hell, normal things, for that matter, don't exist within the fictitious world of manga though.
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