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Read Shokugeki no Soma 275 online. Shokugeki no Soma 275 English. I will admit, the parts with sōma & his dish were alright, but considering that is obviously gonna be a loss for him, I'm not really that thrilled by this. Plus, it was also disappointing to see the asahi creating the same dish as sōma, with the only difference being the sauce. Souma will lose and returns to his family diner where he will take a short break from everything. Asahi will try to make a move for erina, but she refuses, he puts pressure on her and doesn't accept a no. Erina will therefor escape from him and goes to souma and we will have them both finally at yukihira diner making sorina things. I'm actually looking forward to this one. Since souma is going to lose we will see him frustrated which we never see because he is way too badass all the time. It should be a nice bit that will humanize him and bring him closer to his friends it could also showcase other characters trying to cheer up souma. Inb4 it's just used as set up for more sorina.​

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You could read the latest and hottest shokugeki no soma 275 manga. Suzuki having a disposition that is similar to Soma is kinda off putting for me. I am hoping that Soma loses so that we can explore more of Suzuki and have him be his own character rather than a Soma but coming from the wrong side of the tracks (aka evil). Soma would be put into a similar position that Takumi was in. If Soma takes the lose pretty hard hopefully we can have another character to win it back for him. Not for nothing but they kinda nullify the last chapter a bit for me. If Erina is the motivation for the fight, keep it that way. If she isn't, why bring it up? Suzuki has no relationship with Erina (that we know of) so its ridiculous to think that she would have any plans of marrying him. Erina is still a student so its not like if Suzuki pursues Erina (considering their relationship), what's stopping Soma from his goal of getting her to taste his food. Tsukuda please have Erina wake up before the fight is over backgrounding her does her character no favors. If you have anything to share regarding shokugeki no soma 275 predictions or shokugeki no soma 275 spoilers, please leave every of your message at the comment section.
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There are a lot of people asking about why bet the knife don't remember subaru? Taking his knife is like taking his soul. Isn't only about taking his knife. It's a prove that he is better than soma, that, if noone remember, is the topic of the fight, be the best to get for him the final woman. "The ultimate woman, deserves the ultimate man" Guys use the head, it's not only a fight. It's very rare for a contender to win when they submit their dish first. Even Joichiro served his tempeh ramen to the judges after Soma's risotto.The only person I can remember who served his dish first and actually won was Mimasaka Subaru, when he fought Takumi. Sauces.. Damn, that's like Hayama vs Soma. Hayama had the better fried bear meat but Soma won overall when bear meat is complemented with the sauce.